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Tommy Shelton

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Scott Clem: "RE: [Fwd: Verification of Letter]"

Brother of Alleged Victims of Tommy Shelton

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Scott Clem, brother of Roger Clem and Pastor Duane Clem, reacts to 3ABN attorney Mike Riva's January 2007 threatening letter to the Dunn Loring Church of God congregation. In his opinion, Danny Shelton's use of such tactics to cover up allegations of child molestation is unnecessarily "destroying" 3ABN.

Scott Clem's Email

-------- Original Message --------
From:  Scott Clem
Subject:  RE: [Fwd: Verification of Letter] ...
Date:  Mon, 08 Jan 2007 12:19:33 -0600

Hi, Brother Bob!

WOW!!!! I wonder if they are actually naive enough to let this thing go to court while so many victims are coming forward. That's like putting a loaded pistol in your mouth and threatening to pull the trigger.

All they need to do is to come clean, and the nastiness can be avoided. I don't understand why they cannot see that. They are accusing others of trying to destroy 3ABN, but no one is doing that as quickly as they are. Definitely a situation in need of much prayer, along with a healthy dose of common sense.



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