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3ABN sued
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Can 3ABN Survive?

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Judge Rejects
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Tommy Shelton

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The Actual Lawsuit
IRS Criminal Investigation

3ABN Sued in Child Sex Abuse Case

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The Chicago Tribune Story

The Chicago Tribune reports that 3ABN was sued on June 20, 2011, in federal court by Attorney Jeff Herman on behalf of Alex Walker, one of Tommy Shelton's child molestation victims. See "Christian network sued in child sex abuse case."

Danny Shelton's Recorded Admission & Veiled Threats

When Pastor Glenn Dryden wrote Walt Thompson in 2003 about his concerns about pedophile Tommy Shelton working at 3ABN, 3ABN attorney Mike Riva replied on behalf of Tommy threatening suit.

But even before that, Tommy's brother, Danny Shelton, called Pastor Dryden twice on May 23, 2003, to apparently do what he has often done over the years: attempt to intimidate. You can listen to the two recordings Danny left on Pastor Dryden's answering machine below. Be patient, as there is a little delay before the recordings begin:

Danny warned Dryden that he could injure his reputation and be held liable for his accusations since Dryden had stated as fact that Tommy had molested six boys. Danny also pointed out that he had spoken with an attorney, and that Dryden was incorrect about the statute of limitations issue.

Eight years later, Danny and his attorney and the statute of limitations have not kept 3ABN from being sued over child molestation.

In speaking about the statute of limitations issue, Danny seemed to have a lot of difficulty getting his words out, until he finally said it: Regarding the six victims Dryden had referred to, the statute of limitations had already run out. In other words, Danny admitted that something had happened for which the statute of limitations would apply.

Now if Danny knew something had occurred, why in the world did he allow Tommy to work at 3ABN around children?

We will probably post Danny's reply if he sends us one.

The Complaint As Filed in Federal Court

You can read the complaint here.

WGN TV's June 20, 2011 Report

WGN TV's coverage, including footage of the June 20, 2011, press conference today at the federal courthouse at which the lawsuit against 3ABN was announced, can be seen here:

As reported by the Washington Post on July 19, 2010, Tommy pled guilty to molesting Alex Walker and another victim in Virginia. So Tommy admitted that Alex Walker's allegations were true.

Know of Additional Victims of Tommy Shelton, or of Any Helpful Information?

If you know of additional victims, or any information that you think might be helpful, you may pass it along to:

Herman, Mermelstein, and Horowtiz, P.A.
18205 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 2218
Miami, Florida 33160

(305) 931-2200 (phone)
(305) 931-0877 (fax)

The Entire June 20, 2011, Press Conference

Here is the entire press conference as posted on YouTube. You'll want to turn up the volume of your speakers in order to hear the audio, since the audio is a bit low.

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