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Mike Bisson Says, "This Is a Very Reasonable Request"

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Mike Bisson is a retired Commercial Property Casualty Agent. He has been a Seventh-day Adventist for 32 years, and is a member of the Sterling, Massachusetts, Church. He is one of the adult Sabbath School teachers and leads out in the Wednesday night prayer meeting. He has a number of Bible studies going at the Sterling church, and assists the pastor where needed.

Around mid-January 2007 Mike had the special privilege of watching his pastor, Nahor Muchiutti, baptize seven people that the two of them had had Bible studies with. They are studying with about that many more as of the time of the writing of his letter below.

From:  [Mike Bisson]
To:  [G. Arthur Joy]
Date:  Mon, 26 Feb 2007 13:14:56 +0000

Dear Gailon,

I am in receipt of your letter from Linda Shelton requesting that proof regarding her unfaithfulness to Danny Shelton be forthcoming. After reviewing her letter and discussing it with a number of friends and supporters of 3ABN we all came to the same conclusion. When Danny Shelton divorced Linda he took away her marriage, her occupation and her reputation, (most people have a very hard time handling any one of these being taken from them). She is only asking that the so-called proof of her adultery be shown. We think that this is a very reasonable request. I cannot imagine any honest Christian supporting Danny or 3ABN until this is done in the way she has requested. It is my opinion that this basic fairness of her request will resonant with the Adventist community. If I can be of any help in this matter, please let me know.

God Bless,


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