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"I Love 3ABN But I Do Not Love What I See ..."

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-------- Original Message --------
From:  Lisa Mwesigwa
To:  AUreporter
Date:  Thu, 12 Apr 2007 16:21:35 -0400

I would like to thank you for your website and the information shared there. I always knew in my heart there was more to the story than was first disclosed by 3ABN. My heart truly aches for Linda and Danny. They were frequent faces in my home and I especially thank 3ABN for sharing God's word across the globe. When my grandmother was sick and could not attend a regular church service we were blessed to have 3ABN to turn to. I would often sit by my grandmother's bedside as we went through Sabbath lessons with Doug Batchelor and others and heard great Sabbath programs. I love 3ABN but I do not love what I see coming out about some of the administrators there now.

I know that even in this there are 3 sides, his side, her side and the truth. Thankfully the truth needs no alibi or defense. Truth is truth whether I choose to believe it or not. My heart bleeds for all involved but I say even if Linda was the one found in adultery and is the one most wrong (which I am not convinced is true), what should the christian response be to her? What would Jesus do, if He were here today arbitrating it all? It doesn't matter what the real story is, who is right, or who is wrong, to me the real test of Christianity is found in how we exercise the love and forgiveness of the Saviour even to our most bitter foes. Here is where I find Danny and many of his 3ABN officials weighed in the balance and found wanting. And yet I do not seek to pass condemnation on them or Linda or anyone else for as I look in the sand I can see my many sinful habits and mistakes and I can hear Jesus's voice saying, "He without sin can cast the first stone." I realize that it is incumbent on me to keep all in prayers and to just let the love of God speak and work through me as I seek to follow His call in my life and how I deal with others.

3ABN does many great things but I am afraid that like Paul admonished the church in times past, if we have the gift of prophecy, healing and all other gifts but lack love it profits us NOTHING. I can hear many Christians on that day saying, Lord we did this in your name and we we did that in your name, yet Christ will say, I don't know you.

"Now abideth, faith, hope and love but the GREATEST of these is LOVE." Let the love of God constrain us and guide us in our way. 3ABN, I hope you are listening and will truly seek God's way in all of this. Much love to all of you.


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