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Excerpts from Pastor Glenn Dryden's June 2003 Reply to Riva

Pastor Glenn Dryden responds to 3ABN Attorney Mike Riva's threat, a threat that to all appearances was an attempt on the part of 3ABN president Danny Shelton to cover up and silence the child molestation allegations against his brother, Tommy Shelton.

Pastor Glenn Dryden's Reply

Mike Riva's letter to me dated June 13, 2003, follows. Below are the first three paragraphs and the closing paragraph of my reply dated June 20, 2003.

I received your letter dated June 13, 2003, upon my return last evening from a two week trip out of state. It is my prayer that you will assist Tommy Shelton in taking measures which will satisfy his victims, their families and the congregations involved and serve to bring some closure to him as well as them.

Your letter, particularly the next to last paragraph, serves better to incite rather than intimidate. Consider the scenario of three victims pressing charges in an environment of intense interest from news media with state-wide or national influence. Any State's Attorney anticipating re-election certainly would give serious attention to prosecution.

I urge you to counsel Tommy to take the initiative by making a full disclosure of all victims and details to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office and by pursuing the additional "Action Items" enclosed. Doing so would put him in a far better light and more advantageous position than would circumstances similar to the scenario contemplated above.


Finally, Mr. Riva, I am disappointed that you did not exercise due diligence to obtain the name and address of the chairman of our board of trustees or other board member. Sending a copy of your letter to one of our parishioners was entirely inappropriate.
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