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Pastor Glenn Dryden to 3ABN Board Chairman Dr. Walter Thompson, May 2003

Pastor Glenn Dryden has the unique experience of having pastored two churches that Tommy Shelton pastored:

  • The Ezra Church of God in West Frankfort, Illinois.
  • The Community Church of God in Dunn Loring, Virginia.

Unfortunately, Pastor Dryden has received complaints from members of both congregations about sexual misconduct on the part of Tommy Shelton, misconduct involving both men and teenage boys.

Pastor Dryden arrived back in Dunn Loring after being in West Frankfort from 1993 to 2005. On December 3, 2006, Pastor Dryden released a statement indicating that there were three new allegations arising out of Tommy's tenure in Dunn Loring (1995-c. 2000), one of which involved an individual who was a minor at the time.

The following letter was sent by Pastor Glenn Dryden to 3ABN board chairman Dr. Walter Thompson in May 2003. The reply he received was a threatening letter from 3ABN attorney Mike Riva. As of November 27, 2006, three and a half years later, Dr. Thompson, according to his own admission, had still not contacted the victims, their families, or the two ordaining associations as this letter invited him to do.

The 2003 Dryden Letter

-------- Original Message --------
Subject:  Re: 3ABN special request
Date:  Mon, 14 Aug 2006 14:00:00 -0400
From:  Glenn Dryden

Following is the text of my letter on Ezra Church of God letterhead to Dr. Thompson as well as "Action Items" suggested for Tommy Shelton by the congregation I formerly served. These were sent to Dr. Thompson by certified mail and I suppose it was his wife who signed for the letter on May 16, 2003.

Pastor Glenn Dryden

1345 EZRA STREET, WEST FRANKFORT, ILLINOIS, 62896 • (618) 932-6988 • PASTOR'S OFFICE (618) 932-6909

May 14, 2003


Dr. Walter Thompson
*** *** ***
*** ***, *** *****

Dear Dr. Thompson:

Greetings in the holy name of our Lord Jesus!

It is my understanding that you serve as chairman of the board of directors of Three Angels Broadcasting Network. From 3ABN's web site it appears an invitation to minister has been extended to this congregation's former pastor, Tommy Ray Shelton.

Constrained by an ethical, if not legal, obligation, I am compelled to advise you that Tommy Ray Shelton is not in good standing with either of the two associations by which he was first presented with ministerial credentials. At least six boys in our community were sexually abused by Tommy Ray Shelton during the periods he served as pastor of this congregation.

Some of these young men and some parents are willing to corroborate the information I am giving you, if necessary. Please contact me for their phone numbers that I may alert them to a pending call. I also will put you in touch with the two associations referenced above.

Either I or members of this congregation's leadership will answer any questions you may have regarding this correspondence.

In our Lord's service,

Pastor Glenn Dryden


Expediency recommended :
Senate Bill 1035 extending statute of limitations goes into effect as soon as signed by Governor Blagojevich. This could be within the next thirty days.

Tommy should retain an attorney to represent him as well as to serve him in contacting victims and their families, all at Tommy's expense.

A full disclosure of all victims and details should be made to the Franklin County Sheriff's Office (Investigator Kevin Skurat, 618-435-8187). This disclosure should include pertinent incidences in other states as well as in other jurisdictions in Illinois in addition to Franklin County.

Tommy should cooperate in the placement of his name and pertinent information on appropriate sex offenders lists, as the law may require in the state of his residence or in Illinois.

Tommy should agree to reimburse any of the victims or their family members for the expenses of counseling they have received. He should further agree to pay for any future counseling required by any of the victims or their family members. Contact should be made by his attorney with the victims through their parents if necessary. Pastor Glenn Dryden of the Ezra Church of God (***-***-****) should be consulted as to the victims of whom he is aware and as to which of these may be contacted directly. Other victims may wish to maintain anonymity. Apart from necessary contact by law enforcement personnel, their wishes should be respected.

Tommy should issue written apologies over his signature to all victims and to their parents. Again, contact with victims should be made through their parents if necessary.

Tommy also should issue written apologies over his signature for his deceit, as well as inappropriate behavior, etc., to the congregation of the Ezra Church of God, West Frankfort, Illinois, the congregation of the Community Church of God, Dunn Loring, Virginia, the state office of the General Assembly Of The Church Of God In Illinois and to the Ministerial Council of the Church of God headquartered in Virginia.
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