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Round One: Gailon Joy

"Proposed Foundation for Hearings Regarding 3ABN"

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Gregory Matthews had been heavily involved in the 3ABN situation for quite some time. Since he, as well as others, had given input into the modifications Gailon Joy proposes, Gailon sends a copy to him as well as to Linda.

-------- Original Message --------
From:  G. Arthur Joy
To:  Harold Lance, Esq
CC:  Linda Shelton, Gregory Matthews
Subject:  Proposed Foundation for hearings in re: 3ABN.
Date:  Mon, 27 Nov 2006 00:59:31 +0000

Harold Lance, Esq:

This is Linda's response to GW's initial inquiry. It is Linda's position that certainly some issues would be best addressed by a fair and honest panel, to achieve clarity and an open understanding by those who continue to wonder just what was the story. The process should be conclusive and cathartic and therefore available for all SDA's everywhere to see, hear and read. Only this open process will bring closure to this festering issue.

This is to begin discussions ... any thoughts, concerns, additions or just observations are clearly welcome. Linda's team and I have serious concerns regarding your neutrality and need clarification regarding your position, particularly as you have served as a past ASI President during the history of support for 3ABN.

There have also been certain representations by Danny and Walt that would suggest that ASI and yourself are not as "neutral" as we would prefer you to be. This should be addressed and clarified for the record. If this process is a waste of time then we need to move on.

We are certain that the record will exonerate Linda and indict Danny, in some cases 3ABN as an entity, in other cases 3ABN's board, and in at least two cases, ASI policy relating to the governance and accountability as well as the taking of tithes by ASI members. These issues need to be resolved for the best benefit of the church, ASI and SDA members everywhere. To pretentiously close the door to continued discovery and the open provision of certain documentation is an "obstruction of due process" and in some cases is a violation of their 501(c)3 non-profit status as an entity that solicits funds from the public. Therefore, we would request that some items, such as board minutes and financial data, be available for immediate viewing. Other information and inquiries should continue to be simply answered.

Also, the "purported evidence" that is the basis for 3ABN's allegations nearly three years ago should be made fully available as quickly as possible in the process for the defender to prepare a proper defense. I am certain you understand the need for this fairness doctrine as a matter of due process. And it is the minimum requirement for the process to go forward. I just don't know what it is they are finding so essential to hold under lock and key, but perhaps you could act as an "in camera" magistrate on this "purported evidence" that has so mystified so many for so long and that Mollie Steenson purportedly controls.

3ABN and Linda both have claimed to be proponents of openness and transparency and the hearings should meet this fundamental standard or there is simply no purpose to the process. Every SDA has a vital interest in the outcome, as does ASI and its membership. They are entitled to have access to the record, the findings, and the recommendations, and to know the implementation of those recommendations, particularly as it affects the "stock-holders in the pews" and the future of SDA media ministries.

We await your responses with bated breathe in anticipation of an ecclesiastical process that will work for all the parties in interest. If you have any inquiry of Linda, her e-mail address is listed above and feel free to communicate any questions directly to Linda. You will find her hospitable and a woman of great faith. Worthy of communication!!!

Legend: Red is the proposed addition by Linda's team;
Light Blue are the recommended deletions by Linda's team;
Black italics were the recommended changes by GW
The other are apparently transcriptions of GW to Linda on behalf of ASI or yourself.

GW's proposal with Linda's proposed changes is presented below:

The italics part was my suggestion, but in talking to Harold the second time, he said that he felt my suggestions could be incorporated without stating them as I did. He especially felt that if any non-Christians were interviewed, they might not want prayer. That seems reasonable to me. If God wants the prayer times spelled out, He can intervene. I've seen that for sure.

ASI has been asked to develop a process for addressing issues between 3ABN and some of its personnel, past and present, specifically including, but not limited to, the appropriateness of the divorce of Danny Shelton and Linda Shelton and the remarriage of Danny Shelton. The matter has been addressed by the ASI Executive Committee who has authorized the further exploration of the possibility for its involvement in the process. The Commitee has asked that Harold Lance explore further and report back (by what date?) with recommendations. What do you envision the timeline for this process, what additional issues will be included, and how much time do you intend to set aside for this tribunal?

The following are some preliminary proposed considerations for a process of inquiry to be discussed by the ASI Executive Committee and later to be submitted to 3ABN, Danny and Linda Shelton (and what other parties?) for their consideration:

  1. A five person panel shall be selected from a pool of qualified panelists to be presented by the ASI panel to the parties for consideration and background inquiry (voir dire questions) regarding potential conflicts or bias group of five persons to consider the issues will be selected by ASI, with input from the parties, and will not include the current or past officers, directors or leadership past or present of ASI. The gender representation of the group will have no more than three men and no less than two. The same is true for women. The persons chosen will be selected for their reputation of fairness, integrity, spirituality and their lack of any stake in the outcome. When first selected, each person of said group will be set aside in a prayer of anointing for wisdom, discernment and power over evil, in full measure by the Holy Spirit. Each person is to verbally and in writing accept the responsibility and confidentiality as outlined herein. He/She will pledge to pray daily until the meeting takes place for persona l puri fication and baptism of the Holy Spirit.

  2. The place of the meetings to be at a neutral site in the "area." (we need a definition of "the area")

  3. The costs associated with the process will be paid by 3ABN.

  4. 3ABN, Linda Shelton, and Danny Shelton and other parties will be contacted for their input on the process and on basic ground rules prior to selecting a panel for the issues to be addressed. Also need clarity regarding what issues the panel will be allowed to hear, who will be defining the complaints to be discussed and for what period of time.

  5. Each side will state in writing what they consider the complaints to be addressed, issues are and that need resolution and a brief their belief as to the facts related to those charges, allegations, concerns or issues and the damages or proposals to be considered, and will self discover and make available any evidence to be brought into the tribunal with an explanation of its import or relevance to the specific issue being addressed with the brief or as discovered thereafter but not [less] than fifteen days prior to the hearing on the matter.

  6. Each side will state in writing what they think would be a proper outcome on the issues.

  7. The meetings will start with a group prayer of all persons involved: each party, witnesses and ASI Group Panel members. The meetings will be conducted in a closed door session when appropriate under the executive session rules, however, in keeping with the rule of openness and transparency a written report of the issues, evidence, facts established and findings with recommendations and actions taken to implement those proposals or recommendations within 30 days of the completion of the hearing on an issue or issues and shall be made available for public review. A transcription by recordation shall be available to each party upon completion of the hearings. The meetings will be private, not recorded nor open to the public. The members of the Group Panel may take notes. Said notes will be purged after completion of the process. The parties will not be involved in a process of public discussion, through email messages, news releases or announcements on matters related to the process during the hearings. Only the entire report, findings and recommendations of the panel can be referenced after the hearings by any party. A copy of report of the issues, evidence, facts established and findings with recommendations and actions taken to implement those proposals or recommendations and the transcript by recordation, shall be available to each SDA college / university heritage room 30 days after the completion of the hearings. This is essential to guarantee the objectivity and fairness of the panel, its findings, its recommendations and that the church may be satisfied or clearly dissatisfied that the recommendations were properly implemented and can carry forward whatever discipline is deemed neccessary based upon the actual record. This is in keeping with the principal of openness and transparency and is vital as the entire SDA church has a substantial interest in the matters being considered.

  8. Each side may have a representative(s) present during the taking of information. Only panel members may be present but not during the Panel's group's deliberations. The representative will not be a lawyer or one acting as an advocate but as presenters, counsellors and a facilitator(s) of the various issues and the process and will be identified to ASI in advance in writing by the party. The person selected will be the person who will work with Harold Lance, on behalf of ASI, in arranging the details of the process. No volunteers or intermeddlers will participate in the meeting processes involved in making arrangements.

  9. There will be prepared in advance a defined schedule for the proceedings and the sequence of the process with input from the parties.

  10. The questionings of persons or witnesses brought in for information on issues will be done first by the representative, party or presenter to introduce the matter at issue, the testimony of the witness and the supporting evidence then can be questioned by the other representative or party to the issue and then by the panel by the ASI Group moderated by its Chairperson, not by the parties or their representatives. Clarification rebuttal questions may be asked by the presenter and the respondent in that order following completion of the panel's questions.

    The panel can then ask questions relating to the clarification questions raised. The parties or their representatives will have opportunity to submit to the ASI group written suggestion areas of inquiry. (And what if the panel has no idea what to ask or decides not to ask the questions proposed by a party? Just what appellate process would preserve the integrity of the process?)

  11. Any party wishing to furnish written documentation for consideration should do so with the delivery of their written statements. Any additional information should be made available as soon as practicable for each issue to be considered but must be presented not less than fifteen will have seven days in advance of the meeting to furnish a copy to ASI for distribution to each party. (Is any other information treated as In Limine evidence? And what if an issue is raised by surprise at the hearing, by what process is the right to challenge the surprise to be preserved?)

  12. Before the scheduled meeting, each party will submit to the Group a list of persons they plan to present and a factual summary of expected information. The Group will pray with each party and "witness" for clarity of mind, pureness of heart and openness to God before his testimony is heard. (Will witnesses be "sworn in" and under oath?)

  13. The purpose of the process will be to bring clarity and truth founded upon the principle of openness and transparency based upon factually accurate information, to publish findings of facts, to make recommendations and to preserve the record of the hearings and do so with perceived guidance from the Holy Spirit. The meetings will not be as a court trial.

When all parties are done presenting their information, the Panel Group will have prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit and begin deliberations. Upon completion of the process, the Panel will promptly issue a written statement to ASI and the parties as to its factual findings and upon those findings define suggested recommendations for the "parties," as ASI recognizes it does not have authority to order or award anythi ng. The value of the process for the parties will be that an independent, fair-minded panel will give its best judgment as to the truth of the matters under consideration and recommendations for resolution of the issues.

(So we are avoiding binding arbitration on the issues here? Again, what is the purpose and value of this process if there is to be no change based upon the "recommendations" and the respective parties do not need to comply with the findings? Is this a wise process if it is not to be final and binding upon the parties? Don't we already have a load of "statements," "recommendations," including "ecclesiastical" declarations that are completely out of order!!! And why would 3ABN waste the time and money upon such a process that is not binding and how is it of value to the SDA Church body?)

Frankly, I am concerned with the value of this process and would like real clarity of just what the 3ABN board has specifically authorized: I would like to see the actual request from the 3ABN board to determine their purpose and intention, including actual intention regarding recommendations and breadth of topics to be considered.

I am also not certain you have any grasp of the number of issues we had requested that ASI take into consideration. It would probably be wise to brief you regarding the issues we intend to address, and you could better consider the value of the process and to what issues you feel it would appropriate for the ASI Panel.

Gailon Arthur Joy on behalf of Linda Shelton

BE IT KNOWN TO ALL INVOLVED that God alone is the "Restorer of the Breach." By accepting this assignment as "liaison," ASI is but a tool in the hand of God to accomplish His purpose. May His name be exalted as a result of this process

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