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Tommy Shelton

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The Apologists of Danny Shelton et. al.

"Perhaps the Minor Was Consenting"

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In the following post, Lee attempts to defend Danny Shelton's lying about Tommy's child molestation allegations and/or Tommy Shelton himself by suggesting that if a minor child is "consenting," or if (contrary to the facts) six of the seven alleged victims in Illinois were adults at the time of the alleged incidents, there is somehow a difference as far as Danny and Tommy's employability at 3ABN is concerned.

Even if it were adult men rather than boys that Tommy Shelton allegedly propositioned, or even if the boys were "consenting," we think that justifies neither Tommy's alleged misdeeds nor Danny's covering them up in 2003.

Seventh-day Adventist lay ministries who not just profess but who truly practice the "undiluted three angels' messages" do not knowingly hire as production managers men who engage in such activities, especially when those individuals are replacing alleged adulteresses who got fired without any evidence being actually produced.

Tommy Shelton Vindicated!
Lee Posted on: Jan 3 2007, 11:41 AM
Bob, you said out of the seven people supposedly molested by TS, one is under age over on Maritime. Did I understand you correctly?

If so, then six of the seven would be considered "consenting" adults. And perhaps even the one under age was consenting, who knows if any of this is true. I have my doubts not because you posted it or because Mr. Joy investigated this, but because none of the 7 prosecuted TS or took him to court. I would certainly suggest to them that they do so as soon as possible.
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Another point that gets brought up repeatedly by these apologists, as Lee has done above, is that since these boys were allegedly manipulated into silence by Tommy Shelton, or were too ashamed to come forward for years and years, that all these allegations from so many folks in two states against one man, that all these allegations just have to be false.

And that repeated claim will likely cause the blood of some to boil, the blood of those who have endured years of pain, sorrow, disgrace, and silence all brought on by the betrayal of trust between a family member or clergyman or neighbor or teacher and an innocent child.

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